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About Dry Fruits (Date Nuts)

Dates Nuts popularly called by the Hausas as Dabino with mother tree referred to as Date palm tree and botanical name known as Phonex dacylifera originated from Mesopotamia and Egypt.

 The main date producing countries of the world are Algeria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, while in the Sahel, are Dakar/Senegal to Lake Chad and Sudan. While traveling around the northern states of Nigeria such as Sokoto,Kano,Kaduna and other north eastern states, it is a common sight of traders flaunting different colors of dabino .The fresh dabino appears in either golden yellow or deep purple  but are dark brown with honey-like coatings when dry.

Today, dates are enjoyed all over the world in various forms due to its nutritious value. Dates come in different species/variety and are consumed fresh, dry, pitted, and candied, in sweet dishes, savory dishes, and cookies, among others.
Nutritionally,Dates contains natural fibre and a lot of other nutrients like oil, calcium, magnesium and more.

Types of dates fruit

Their are several hundred dates varieties globally however their are five major varieties enjoyed globally. They are  Majdool, Barhi, Deglet Noor, Amber and Ajwa,

Majdool is the most popular  of the 5, It is cultivated in the UAE, mostly it is exported from there to usa, canada and so on. Among the top varieties in international market, Barhi can be eaten even raw. It is widely cultivated in the US. Daglet Noor is found in Tunisia and Algeria and it’s referred to as the ‘queen of dates’ . Amber is very famous, mainly in Saudi Arabia, and other GCC countries including the UAE and popular among tourists.

And finally . Ajwa is said to have been first cultivated by Prophet Mohammad  and since then it is widely cultivated in Saudi Arabia. ajwa dates benefits are the same with the general health benefits from dates.


Dates fruit tree

The date palm grows, well, dates in great big clusters just underneath the palm’s fronds. These trees can be found in warm regions like California and Florida, but are particularly prolific in the Middle East where the date has long been a staple food. these areas qualify as  date palms growing zone . In order to guarantee a successful harvest the date strands are thinned out to allow room for the fruit to grow to its maximum potential. Date tress are also pollinated by hands to guarantee a successful harvest.

Sugar content of dates vs nutritional value of dates

Below are dried dates nutrition nutrition facts of dates or nutrition for dates.

There are 61 grams of carbohydrates in a serving size and only 6 grams of fiber for every 100 grams of date, the calorie content is 282.

Other  product made from  dates include the dates syrup or date powder popularly used as sweeteners by a lot of people.

Calories of dates

calories in one date = 21

calories in 2 dates = 44

calories in 4 dates = 88

The health benefits of Date Nuts Dabino includes:

What ever benefits found in fresh dates is the same as the benefits of dry dates soaked in water.

  1. Constipation: Dates are often categorized as a laxative food. This is why they are so frequently eaten by people suffering from constipation. In order to achieve the desired laxative effect of it, you should soak them in water over night. Then, eat the soaked dates in the morning like syrup to get the most optimal results. Dates have high levels of soluble fiber, which is essential in promoting healthy bowel movements and the comfortable passage of food through the intestinal tract, which can relieve symptoms of constipation.
  2. Bone Health and Strength: The significant amounts of minerals found in dates make it a super food for strengthening bones and fighting off painful and debilitating diseases like osteoporosis. Date contains selenium, manganese, copper, and magnesium, all of which are integral to healthy bone development and strength, particularly as people begin to age and their bones gradually weaken. So, eat your dates and give a boost to your bones!
  3. Intestinal Disorders: The nicotine content in dates is thought to be beneficial for curing many kinds of intestinal disorders. Continuous intake of dates helps to inhibit growth of the pathological organisms and thus, they help stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria in the intestines. In terms of digestive issues, dates contain those insoluble and soluble fibers, as well as many beneficial amino acids which can stimulate the digestion of food and make it more efficient, meaning that more nutrients will be absorbed by the digestive tract and enter your body for proper usage.
  4. Anemia: Dates have a high mineral content, which is beneficial for many different health conditions, but their impressive levels of iron make them a perfect dietary supplement for people suffering from anemia. The high level of iron balances out the inherent lack of iron in anemic patients, increasing energy and strength, while decreasing feelings of fatigue and sluggishness.
  5. Allergies: One of the most interesting facets of dates is the presence of organic sulfur in them. This is not a very common element to find in foods, but it does have a worthwhile amount of health benefits, including the reduction of allergic reactions and seasonal allergies. According to a study done in 2002, organic sulfur compounds can have a positive impact on the amount of suffering people experience from SAR (Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis), which affects approximately 23 million people in the United States alone. Dates are a great way to somewhat stem the effects of those seasonal allergies through its contributions of sulfur to the diet
  6. Weight Gain: Dates should be included as a  part of a healthy diet. They consist of sugar, proteins and many essential vitamins. If dates are consumed with cucumber paste, you can also keep your weight at a normal, balanced level, rather than over-slimming. One kilogram of dates contains almost 3,000 calories, and the calories in dates are sufficient to meet the daily requirements for a human body. Of course, you should not eat just dates throughout the day. If you are thin and slim and want to increase your weight, or if you are trying to build your muscles to impress some girl, or you have become weak due to a serious medical problem – you need to eat dates
  7. !Energy Booster: Dates are high in natural sugars like glucose, fructose, and sucrose. Therefore, they are the perfect snack for an immediate burst of energy. Many people around the world use dates for a quick afternoon snack when they are feeling lethargic or sluggish.
  8. Nervous System Health: The vitamins present in dates make it an ideal boost to nervous system health and functionality. Potassium is one of the prime ingredients in promoting a healthy and responsive nervous system, and it also improves the speed and alertness of brain activity. Therefore, dates are a wonderful food source for people as they begin to age and their nervous system becomes sluggish or unsupported, as well as for people who want to keep their mind sharp.
  9. Healthy Heart: Dates are quite helpful in keeping your heart healthy. When they are soaked for the night, crushed in the morning and then consumed, they have been shown to have a positive effect on weak hearts. Dates are also a rich source of potassium, which studies have shown to reduce the risk of stroke and other heart related diseases. Furthermore, they are suggested as a healthy and delicious way to reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol in the body, which is a major contributing factor heart attacks, heart disease, and stroke. Therefore, when taken twice a week, dates can seriously improve the overall health of the heart.


  1. Benefits of dates for men and Benefits of dates with milk

    Studies have shown that dates are even beneficial for increasing sexual stamina. For dry dates boiled in milk Soak a handful of dates in fresh goat’s milk over night, then grind them in the same milk with a mixture of cardamom powder and honey. This mixture becomes a very useful tonic for increasing sexual endurance and reducing sterility caused by various sexual disorders. The science behind this phenomenon is largely due to traditional usage which stimulated formal research. In 2006, Bahmanpour studied the effects of date palms and their oil on sexual functioning and found that the high levels of estradiol and flavonoid components of dates are what increase sperm count and motility, as well as promoting increased testes size and weight. So, if you are looking for a masculine boost, eat some dates, because they are a great natural aphrodisiac.

  2. Dates benefits for hair

    Dates strengthen your hair follicles, enhancing their vitality and strength. The B-Vitamins and iron present in these dried fruits offer a natural cure for hair loss issues. Include 3 to 4 Medjool dates in your diet along with a glass of milk every morning on empty stomach for longer, stronger, and more lustrous tresses.

  3. Benefits of eating dates in the morning or Benefits of eating dates on an empty stomach (best time to eat dates)

    The primary benefits of dates does not change, However maximum benefits are gotten from dates when they are eaten on empty stomach, especially  if they are eaten first thing in the morning.

  4. Benefits of dates in weight loss

    Some may ask questions like are dates fattening?, How to eat dates for weight loss, and so on. Dates can help you to loose weight and it can also help you gain weight dates are rich in fiber that easily keeps you full. Starting your day with six dates helps in preventing hunger pangs throughout the day, thus aiding in your weight loss journey. Dates are laden generously with natural sugars such as fructose and sucrose, making it a tasty food for weight gain.

  5. Benefits of dates during pregnancy

    pregnant women often ask , when to start eating dates during pregnancy ? can i eat dates during pregnancy ? The answer is yes. You can have  dates during pregnancy and you can start eating dates from the day you concieve. Eating dates during first trimester pregnancy,  gets you and your baby all the general health benefits from dates, protecting your baby from birth deficiencies, helping your baby bone development and generally filling you with loads of energy. Eating dates during second trimester is more related to dates and labor health benefits. Having a 6 dates a day pregnancy helps with ease of labor for the mother.  when it comes to Eating dates in pregnancy islam approves and recommends it, it is one of the sunnah recommended foods for pregnant women. In conclusion dates and pregnancy have always gone hand in hand and will continue to be so.

  6. How many dates to eat per day

There is no particular number, i would recommend you eat at least 4 dates a day and do not eat more than 12.However a diabetic should only eat 3 dates a day.

     16. Dates and diabetes

The abundant health benefits of dates should not be missed out by anyone. Diabetics can eat a maximum of 3 dates per day. anything more than that can cause a spike in their blood sugar  levels. all the amazing health benefits of dates also apply to diabetics.

      17. Difference between dates and prunes  (dates vs prunes)



  • Grow on palms
  • Are available fresh or dried.
  • Originated from the Middle East.
  • Quite high in calories.
  • Have high levels of sugars: glucose, sucrose, and fructose.
  • Come in varied types.
  • Are sweeter than prunes
  • Are more oblong-shaped than prunes.


  • Are dried plums (from a plum tree).
  • Are only available dried.
  • Originated in Asia.
  • Quite low in calories.
  • higher levels of minerals and antioxidants.
  • Less varieties as dates.
  • Less sweet as dates.


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